Rococo describes her style as ‘classic English with a twist’, injecting plenty of colour and layering pattern where possible. Her approach to interiors means no budget is too big or too small, no task unimportant.  From finding chairs to match a dining room table, to unearthing the perfect door knocker, Rococo takes pride in creating warm and welcoming home environments. She creates rooms that people actually want to live in rather than those purely for show - who wants to be in a room where you can't put a coffee cup or wine glass down anywhere? Design is about bringing a room to life and filling it with pieces you love.

The Story

While entertaining friends at home one weekend, a guest asked if she could help find something for his new home. Realising that this guest, like so many others, was being more than polite when they commented on the design of her home or asking where she found 'this or that' Rococo hit on the idea that her eclectic style appealed to people of all ages. This combined with the fact that she was spending all her free time giving advice on look and style and finding furniture for her friends and family. She realised that while many people knew what they liked or items they wanted, they sometimes lacked the eye or time to create it. 

Rococo has been surrounded by creativity since day one. The youngest child and one of six, Rococo grew up on the wilds of Exmoor where her home was filled with a mix of William Morris covered sofas, rustic farmhouse furniture, inherited pieces and numerous tapestries designed by her mother who was commissioned to produce work for many notable designers. Her father also specialised in selling sporting prints, so the art world and picture hanging was another area she subconsciously learnt. 

Her pricing structure allows her to consult for a few hours, while she talks through colour and space, so that they can then use this knowledge to go out and find things on their own if they prefer, or alternatively offer a complete interior design turn key solution.