Frequently Asked Questions

Where did you get the name Rococo?
When I met my future husband, instead of calling me Rachael he nicknamed me Rococo. Don't ask me why! Given he has a knack for PR, it wasn’t surprising that the name stuck and I felt it was the perfect name for the business.

Who has inspired you the most?
IIse Crawford who is responsible for creating venues such as Cecconi's (Mayfair) and Babington House where she has made these spaces beautiful to look at, functional and timeless. You can’t not have fun in them either! David Collins Studio and Martin Brudnizki (MBDS) are also incredibly inspiring. You really can't imagine London without the beautiful bars, restaurants and club spaces that have been created. Bob Bob Ricard and The Club at the Ivy being two of my favourites. 

What has been your best find to date?
I am most proud of unearthing a leather Ottoman in a little reclamation yard in deepest darkest Somerset. It was covered in dust and dirt and barely recognisable. Once I had cleaned it up and made it the focal part of our sitting room it was like seeing something come back to life. A close second is a painting I found. I sensed it was one of those rare finds - definitely more than meets the eye. After taking it to an art expert it was cleaned and sold at auction for an almost 20,000 per cent return!

I am also constantly finding pieces when abroad - so much so that the trip back to London is always much harder than the way out. My husband is increasingly irritated by the extra luggage we bring back or the attempts to sneak overweight or oversize baggage past the check in desk.

What is your best piece of interiors advice?
I think that so many people make the mistake of rushing; they paint a room without thinking of the component parts of that room. Or they buy a piece of art, or an antique too quickly, just to fill a hole or tick a box. One also needs to consider clutter.  We all have a tendency to keep things, again for the sake of it.  I urge my clients to remove the clutter, to sell the things they don’t use or need, so they can then create resources to buy something they love. All in all it's about considering what you have, what you want and how it will all fit together.

Top interior reads? 
My hit list is:
1. The weekend FT. House and Home - because I always learn something new & How To Spend It for luxurious pieces.
2. The Telegraph Stella Magazine interiors section - to see what is being stated as on trend.
3. The World of Interiors magazine - for worldwide inspiration.

Favourite room in the house?
The bathroom, I'm obsessed with baths!

If you can afford only one luxury for the house, what would it be?
It’s hard to go past luxury hand soap. It makes a huge difference to wash your hands with the good stuff, and it shows you care about your guests. Aesop, D.R Harris (Almond Oil) & Diptyque Paris are all my favourite. You only need to try them to see why.

If there was one piece of art for your wall, what would it be?
Anything by Julian Opie! If I could also get my hands on a vintage Slim Arrons, I’d be in heaven.

Favorite Hotel interior?
JK place Capri.  The design is all about style, comfort and exclusivity.