Frequently Asked Questions

Where did you get the name Rococo?
When I met my future husband, instead of calling me Rachael he nicknamed me Rococo. Don't ask me why! Given he has a knack for PR, it wasn’t surprising that the name stuck and I felt it was the perfect name for the business.

How would you describe your style?
Classic English with a twist, homely, stylish and timeless - I love to blend the old with the new to create a warm and welcoming home, adding colour and layers of patterns when I can. Everything is sourced by myself so it often has an interesting and unique story to tell which is what makes creating an interior so fun. I am inspired by the beautiful shop Soane and Robert Kime whose work I love.

What is your approach to design?
I don't follow what is forecasted as the latest trend. It's got to look good, but also be practical - there is no point if you can't live in a room and enjoy it to both look at and immerse oneself in. I like to work with clients to unlock ideas with them - it's important to be a team, to understand a clients needs, but also challenge them and work with them to unlock ideas. Design to me is all about bringing a room to life and with each individual piece a personality is created. I love to create rooms that people actually live in rather than those purely for show - who wants to be in a room where you can't put a coffee cup or wine glass down anywhere? 

What has been your best find to date?
Probably the most exciting find was a beautiful painting. I sensed it was one of those rare finds - definitely more than meets the eye. After taking it to an art expert it was cleaned and sold at auction for an almost 20,000 per cent return!

I am also constantly finding pieces when abroad - so much so that the trip back to London is always much harder than the way out. My husband is increasingly irritated by the extra luggage we bring back or the attempts to sneak overweight or oversize baggage past the check in desk.

What is your best piece of interiors advice?
I think that so many people make the mistake of rushing; they paint a room without thinking of the component parts of that room. Or they buy a piece of art, or an antique too quickly, just to fill a hole or tick a box. One also needs to consider clutter.  We all have a tendency to keep things, again for the sake of it, so I urge my clients to remove any unwanted clutter they don't use or like. All in all it's about considering what you have, what you want and how it will all fit together.

Top interior reads? 
My hit list is:
1. The weekend FT. House and Home because I always learn something new & How To Spend It for luxurious pieces.
2. House & Garden magazine
3. The World of Interiors magazine 

Favourite room in the house?
The sitting room. Most people say the kitchen is the heart of home (and it is) but the sitting room is the head because it’s a space you make as inviting as possible - entertaining, siting by the fireplace, reading the Sunday papers, watching a box set are a few of the things I most enjoy in the sitting room and it should be about being as comfortable as possible. This includes being accompanied by our cocker spaniel, Edie. She's first to test all the furniture! 

If you can afford only one luxury for the house, what would it be?
It’s hard to go past luxury hand soap. It makes a huge difference to wash your hands with the good stuff, and it shows you care about your guests.

If there was one piece of art for your wall, what would it be?
Anything by Julian Opie

Favorite Hotel interior?
JK place Capri (photo above).  The design is all about style, comfort and exclusivity.